Printing Machine & Digital Solutions

With support of Otto K√ľnnecke GmbH, RRC, as a local authorized partner, we supply and implement products in a customized range from small lot sizes to individual pieces. the solutions include machines, software, and homogeneous concepts that ensure secure workflows. To that end, we supply custom applications for our customers that meet all requirements for dependable processing, sorting, logistics, and traceability. Our implementation team have a vast knowledge base in matters project management utilizing the industry best practice in the delivery process. We pride in our certifications in our product specific verticals and deliver world class service within the set regulatory standards to ensure value and return on investment.

Printing machine and digital solutions Include:

  1. Printing Machine

    Go for intelligent, sophisticated solutions which guarantee security and efficiency.

    • Sorting and Packaging Machines
    • Mailing Machines
    • Storing and Picking Machines
    • Cards and Passports
    • Manual Workstation

  2. Products

    Production and personalization of high-security documents.

    • ID & Personal Documents
    • Maps
    • Passports
    • Envelopes
    • PIN Letters and Labels
    • Small Parts and Bulk Products
    • Other Products